A Chunky Gold CC Bracelet To Begin The New Year


My idea is to start off the New Year my way.

No resolutions, no new workouts, not new meal plans, no new ambitions at work, no new hobbies, no ridding of bad habits, and no social media restrictions...none of that.

Instead, I gave myself a treat. It's a super adorable chunky CC chain bracelet. I love wearing it everyday. In fact I haven't taken it off this year.  Having it on makes me feel capable and strong. Seeing it makes me feel happy, very happy.  Fiddling with it on my wrist gives me inspiration to do awesome things. Thinking of the CHANEL artistry overwhelms me with the appreciation for elegance, luxury and beauty.

As long as I know for sure that my amazing CHANEL jewelry is genuine and not a replica, I am in a good place for the rest of the year.


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