Essential CHANEL Picks


Essential CHANEL handbags for a wardrobe include, not one, but two CHANEL bags. Here they are.

The first pick is the now iconic Boy Bag. Next to the Classic Flap 2.55 Handbag, bag aficionados recognize it with extremely high acclaim. Since its 2011 Fall/Winter debut, the black calfskin Boy Bag gained leaps and bounds in popularity. Part of the reason for that could be that the inspiration arose out of Gabrielle CHANEL's romantic relationship with Arthur Capel, also known as Boy. Other reasons for the Boy Bag's magnetism could be it's simple yet robust design encouraged by a photograph of Gabrielle wearing a cross-body hunting bag.

Depending on needs, The Boy Bag comes in small, medium, large or jumbo sizes. The small may be too small and the larger ones may seem too casual. The medium might work for most people. They have been made from a myriad of textiles and leather, and come in too many colors to keep track of.

The many Boy options are endless and any of them can be the perfect pick.


The other essential pick is the practical and convenient but elegant CHANEL Shopping Bag. 
Although one of the long time favorite Grande Shopping Tote (GST) has been discontinued as of 2015, the newer shopping bags are offered in a luscious choice of colors, mixed fibers, calfskin, pearls, leathers, embroidery, quilting, gold, silver and other metals. 
The intricate designs, old and new, are renowned throughout the world. People who own them have inadvertently made a consensus that it is indeed well loved and coveted.
The CHANEL Shopping Bag is surely a necessity to make the wardrobe complete
Replica Chanel Shopping Bags and Replica Chanel Boy Bags have never been and probably never will be favorite picks, and should be avoided.


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