Are You Ready For Your Next Weekend Trip?


I’m ready for my next weekend trip, are you? You have your plane reservations, you have an itinerary for the days away, and you have lodgings all squared away. So, what’s next in line to get ready to travel? 

To make sure that you are all set to go, ready up the necessities like sunscreen, a first aid kit, bug repellant, hats, clothes and most importantly SHOES.

You might be able to find things like sunscreen, bandages, or t-shirts easily where you are, but most times finding shoes could be quite a challenge.

I travel with at least 3 pairs of shoes, even for a short weekend trip. I usually take a dressy pair, a pair of flip-flops and/or athletic shoes, and some great sneakers. 

The black and white CHANEL sneakers are my favorite. I’ve decided to take them with me everywhere I go. They are actually an enhanced version of my athletic shoes, as comfy as my flip-flops, and could actually be a dressy substitute.

Having all your ducks in a row, especially with your footgear, will help to make your trip extra fun and safe. Have a nice trip.

The high design and immaculate CHANEL workmanship are luxuries that cannot be found in replica shoes. Stay with authentic CHANEL.


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